Best 10 Tips & Hacks 2021 Holi For Skin & Hair Care 

Best 10 Tips & Hack 2021 | For Skin & Hair | RagaFab

Best 10 Tips & Hacks 2021

Best 10 Tips & Hacks 2021 –  Welcome to Ragafab. Wish you a very Happy Holi we all know too much excited about 2021 Holi. Because after covid-19 and lockdown we can meet our friends and family. Holi is the festival of fun, food, and music full enjoyment Right! Our cousin brother & sister uncle aunty grandmom and Granddad and many more finally, in 2021 we are getting the chance to meet with them, and apart from that is a fun situation how can we forget our Best 10 Tips & Hack 2021 skin and hair care so I am Treeya from RagaFab I have bring some Best 10 tips and hack for you which are important before and aftercare of Holi which will make your life easy and simple.

Best 10 tips & Hacks 2021 Yes! it must-have

Hello guys !!!

 Before and After Holi 2021 tips,  so I have divided the tips and hack into 2 part
Best 10 Tips & Hack 2021 | For Skin & Hair | RagaFab

Best 10 Tips & Hacks 2021: 1st Part

 yes, we all know that dry or flaky skin or hair holder color very badly after washing too many times we dry out start crying right!
 so with fun and enjoyment, we should follow before and after self-care must have whatever you say because we all play Holi.
 Pre-Holi care we all need to prepare our hair, face, body, and nails most affordable essential for this Holi fashionable
Tips 1:- you need to know that how will you take care of your face just use of your facial oil, why oil? because if you use oil to your skin will not hold the color and it will also protect your skin from damage. Which facial oil goes with your skin like almond oil coconut oil must be virgin avocado jojoba oil any kind of a cold press oil which suits your skin if you don’t have all this then  use plain coconut oil  then apply sunscreen use at least SPF 30 coconut oil is a natural sunscreen with that if we use sunscreen with SPF 30 it will give you some extra protection
 Tips 2:-  Same oil coconut, Olive, avocado, or Jojoba use your in body skin also but before applying oil you must wash your body with the plain water then use body oil, But  face and body oil are different, face oil is more mild and gentle than body oil
Tips :-3 Don’t wash your hair before playing Holi at least for 2 days because if we don’t wash hair, our scalp produces natural skin oil which protects our hair from the color the scalp will not hold the color. If you don’t feel uncomfortable without washing your hair then at least use coconut oil to your hair overnight. Overnight using oil will protect our scalp from the color and immediately after coming from the holy ground don’t wash your hair before washing you must comb your hair. Hair combing will dust out the color  then use shampoo on your hair
Tip 4:- How to protect your nail use mustard oil on your fingertips they will know not to hold the color. If nail of finger hold the color it will go with your food and it can damage your liver 
Tips 5:- Before playing Holi take breakfast at least. And try to stay vegetarian that day before playing Holi because vegetables will provide energy and you will not lose your immunity power.
So this is my  5 tips and tricks before Holi now you come to know the healthy & fun  Holi

After 5 Holi tips are waiting for you. 

Best 10 Tips & Hacks 2021: 2nd Part

Tips :1 First After playing Holi when we make mistakes mostly while we wash our face, but not this year. We will remove the face color from our makeup remover why because the color is waterproof and their micellar water help to remove the color then wash it off gently with a favorite face wash
Tips 2: Use Body wash after paling Holi then use body lotion
Tips 3: After birth take some dry food to build your energy because covid-19 is still present dry fruits will improve your immunity system and it will add glow to your skin as well. 
Tips 4:- Use a face pack on your face at night because it’s really important to maintain your PH skin balance Holi color damage our face and body, face pack & body lotion dry fruits are some important tips that really will help you out.  
Tips 5:- use overnight hair oil because if there is any color present in your scalp then oil massage will remove all the oil the next day while you are using the shampoo and massaging the scalp will make you relax.
So you will look amazing the next day your skin is ready to Shine Your Face ready for the makeup and styling your hair is to stay fashionable every day. 
I hope our Best 10 Tips & Hacks 2021 hack and tips will help you please comment below to know more. Thanks for reading till then goodbye Happy Holi. 

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